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Aaron Light 
Aaron Light is an extension that fixes applications under OS 8 or 8.1 so they use Platinum more effectively and conform to it. It is only necessary for OS 8-8.1
22 Oct 2006 7:44 pm 5.74 KB
this Control Panel installs a real live Mac OS X-like dock at the bottom of your screen! A-dock is the same idea of Mac Ox's dock but with a few differences. It doesn't have transparency and doesn't hold windows, but it is extremely customizable easily mo
22 Oct 2006 7:43 pm 12.76 KB
This control panel adds more menus to the Finder, giving you easier access to your items.
22 Oct 2006 7:43 pm 8.22 KB
allows you to rearrange your Apple menu any way you choose and add dividers, grouping items together.
22 Oct 2006 7:43 pm 0 Bytes
Appearance SDK 1.0.4 
This is/was the software development kit for creating appearance themes. Now, it is virtually useless. Except for one little gem. Buried deep in a nest of folders is an app called "Appearance Sample". This neat little program shows you every knob, button,
22 Oct 2006 7:42 pm 0 Bytes
AppTab emulates the Windows Cntrl-Tab feature, which switches through all running applications, which are shown in a handy dialog box.
22 Oct 2006 7:42 pm 0 Bytes
Appearance Hopper 
edit extra settings that are not normally available to change! This includes scroll bars, system font, Application Switcher, and more!
22 Oct 2006 7:41 pm 484 Bytes
From the webpage: "Just drag a picture file onto Back-Drop's icon, and that picture becomes your desktop background! You no longer need to trudge through the Appearance control panel every time you see a picture you want on your desktop."
22 Oct 2006 7:41 pm 0 Bytes
this is an older control panel that allows you to stop an application while its loading. Useful if you accidentally opened the wrong program!
22 Oct 2006 7:41 pm 0 Bytes
Replaces Apple Menu Options. BeHierarchic is better and faster and more feature laden.
22 Oct 2006 7:40 pm 125 Bytes
this handy program allows you to edit Clippings files.
22 Oct 2006 7:40 pm 0 Bytes
Remember those old arcade "scrolling screen" games like Mario Bros.? Well CursorWrap does exactly that. When you move the pointer to the edge of the screen and keep on going, it pops up on the opposite side of the screen!
22 Oct 2006 7:39 pm 0 Bytes
Custom Menus 
tear off menus to the desktop and make your own!
22 Oct 2006 7:38 pm 0 Bytes
Date Viewer 
this is a desktop calendar that floats over your work. It is Drag&Drop compatible, allowing you to put the current date in your documents
22 Oct 2006 7:38 pm 0 Bytes
a small extension that turns any item with a "$" at the end into a gray seperator line for the Apple Menu.
22 Oct 2006 7:38 pm 0 Bytes
DragAnyWindow 4.5 
As its name suggests, this control panel lets you drag any window, even modal dialog boxes.
22 Oct 2006 7:37 pm 81.72 KB
Drop Drawers 
Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store text, URLs, aliases, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.
22 Oct 2006 7:37 pm 0 Bytes
Easy Keys 
easily assign anything to a Function Key or key combo.
22 Oct 2006 7:36 pm 65.83 KB
Fat Cursors 
this installs larger arrow and I-beam cursors. Includes a "find cursor" command that locates the pointer on-screen
22 Oct 2006 7:36 pm 0 Bytes
yet another clippings editor.
22 Oct 2006 7:35 pm 0 Bytes
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